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New technologies in implantology continue to improve the options for successful and more natural-looking dental implants. Precision engineered implant restorations go beyond simply replacing missing teeth to restoring a beautiful smile.
Dental Implants

Diverse implant products and procedures are available to suit each individual case. This demands careful planning and consideration of the forces acting on the prosthesis.

Bioart Dental has a dedicated implant department strongly navigated by one of its directors, who works exclusively in that department. He imparts his wealth of knowledge and skill in analysing each implant restoration and engages in many a consultation with the Clinician.

At Bioart Dental we have the capacity to construct single unit implant crowns to complex multi-unit upper and/or lower cross pin prosthesis. We have gained a high reputation in the dental industry from our clients, peers and direct competitors. Bioart Dental is at the forefront of new, innovative technology – which in turn ensures the high degree of craftsmanship and skill are upheld.

Bioart Dental sources the best available implant componentry and offers an unparalleled range of industry systems. Popular choices include:

Implant Cement Retained

The most conventional implant procedure, implant cement retained crowns use a custom-made or pre-fabricated abutment. A tailor made crown or bridge is cemented over the top of the abutment to accommodate the cement retained crown. This implant procedure is also available in a Zirconia abutment, with a Zirconia crown cemented over the top of the abutment.

Implant Direct to Fixture

Where a fixture is in an optimal position, this procedure allows the most stable option for a tailor made crown or bridge and allows dentists to retrieve the crown with ease. A CAD/CAM Co/Cr, Titanium or Zirconia abutment can be constructed for this procedure.

Implant Cross Pin

An implant cross pin crown can be used in most cases, particularly where the implant is in a less than ideal position. Abutments are customised and milled into the ideal positioning using either stock abutment or the increasingly popular CAD/ CAM abutment.

The abutment is then cross pinned and a framework is constructed over the top of the abutment in accordance with the original diagnostic.

This manufacturing process allows the Clinician to remove the implant crown for modification or required maintenance.

This procedure is only available in metal form, a Zirconia framework cannot be cross pinned.

Bioart Dental Design Implant Bridge

Bioart Dental has pioneered methods for the construction of complex multi-unit or full mouth restorations. With a titanium sub-frame, the Bioart Dental Design Implant Bridge is a premium implant prosthetic solution.

Its superiority stems from the titanium sub-frame’s very high level of biocompatibility, together with great strength and easy removal. Two methods of frame constructions are available. The first requires careful construction of a composite frame in accordance with the final tooth position. This is then scanned and milled (copy mill) from a solid block of medical grade titanium. Upon re-entry to the lab, the frame is refined.

The second method is using CAD/CAM technology. Bioart Dental is at the forefront of CAD/CAM technology in Australia with the aid of some of the most advanced CAD / CAM software packages. Bioart Dental meticulously designs a framework in accordance with the final tooth position. The frame is milled from a solid block of medical grade titanium.

A segmental cross pin porcelain fused to metal super frame is carefully engineered to accommodate the functional and aesthetic requirements in accordance with the final tooth position.

Implant Supported Dentures

Bioart Dental only uses high grade materials and processes, such as the most wear resistant denture teeth and injection denture processing.

Removable Implant Denture Options:

Due to the constant introduction of new technologies and procedures, this list is not exhaustive. To achieve consistently high quality standards, Bioart Dental has developed affiliations with leading suppliers of implant componentry. This allows Bioart Dental to consistently deliver innovative, creative and reliable technical work on a consistent basis.

Australian Made

All restorations sent to Bioart Dental are designed and made by us in our Melbourne based laboratory using TGA approved products.

For further information or a confidential conversation regarding your unique needs – please contact us on 9859 7300 or email

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