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Every dentist knows the value of a good smile and at Bioart Dental we
understand the work a dentist puts into making one.
Dentists face many day to day challenges and stresses. Dentists and their clients have ever increasing expectations of service and delivery. Every case is unique. End results are critical. Bioart Dental provides the right mix of quality prosthetic products, support services and competitive pricing to keep your patients happy and to see your profits grow.
Bioart Dental

Bioart Dental brings a smile to dentists with:

At Bioart Dental, we understand that the end result is critical to each client’s self-esteem and to building your practice’s reputation.

Prompt remediation of dental problems is the core of most dental work and our focus while efficient service to the dental profession is our driving force. Bioart Dental’s quality systems, the latest technology and specialist advice essential for leading edge dentistry are yours to leverage as a competitive advantage.

Experienced and Reliable

Bioart Dental has cemented its reputation in the industry as a leading crown & bridge dental laboratory in Victoria. We produce crown, bridge and implant services for a number of leading prosthodontists and general dentists in private practice across Australia. We service a multitude of surgeries, ranging from inner CBD practices, rural dentists and government department work. This diverse client listing is challenging and rewarding as it drives us to meet different expectations of service and delivery. It also illustrates our capacity to produce quality work.

We exhibit market dominance in the dental technology market and we are held in very high regard by our peers in the precision engineered area of Implantology, given our high level of craftsmanship and technical skill.

The business is owned and operated by 3 highly qualified dental technicians. Each director trained at the state’s leading public health agency, Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV) and is actively involved in ongoing professional development in dental technology. DHSV has appointed Bioart Dental as its principal supplier of crown and bridge work. Our continued role with DHSV post graduate prosthodontists acknowledges Bioart Dental’s standing in high quality crown and bridge work, technical proficiency, creativity and comprehensive range.

Australian Made

Australia Made
All restorations sent to Bioart Dental are designed and made by us in our Melbourne based laboratory using TGA approved products. No work is sent overseas. This ensures a high level of quality. Quality is part of our mindset and culture. Bioart Dental actively believes in supporting our local economy, thereby ensuring employment and growth opportunities in Australia.

The Right Product for the Best Result

Bioart Dental specialises in the fabrication of crown and bridge work supported by a wide variety of restorative products & procedures, including:

Metal Ceramic Systems

A variety of other treatment options are also available. We would be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Customer Care You Can Count On

Beyond technical excellence, Bioart Dental supports you with all the essential practical details to make every case run smoothly. Communication between Client, Technician and Patient is of paramount importance. It is this open communication that illustrates how we are very customer focussed.

Our support services facilitate this:

Being a multi-cultural laboratory exemplifies the fact that our staff play a vital role in the service we provide. Our staff’s language skills and patience not only assist but enhance the overall communication process utilised in the manufacturing of every restoration. Such interpersonal skills help alleviate any misunderstandings between Technician and Patient.

Bioart Dental is happy to work together with you to discuss turnaround times for cases. We consistently meet deadlines and are well equipped for unforeseen circumstances such as urgent cases. The acquisition of our innovative CAD/CAM machine has streamlined processes and has helped achieve speedier turnaround times. Our ability to meet deadlines is proven time and time again. For example, the new CAD/CAM machine has the ability to accept intra-oral scan files, thereby illustrating how our processes can perfectly interface, expediating the manufacturing process.

At Bioart Dental, we understand your reputation is built on word of mouth and we are passionate about our role in assisting you to keep your clients smiling!

For further information or a confidential conversation regarding your unique needs – please contact us on 9859 7300 or email


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