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Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns are one of dentistry’s primary restorations of choice.

PFMBioart Dental produces crown and bridge work for a number of leading prosthodontists and general dentists in private practice across Australia, including being the principal supplier of crown and bridge services to Dental Health Services Victoria. We service a multitude of surgeries all over Australia. This diverse client listing is challenging and rewarding as it drives us to meet different expectations of service and delivery.

We have a clear ability to exclusively tailor our business structure, systems and resources to facilitate the service demand of different Clinicians, including you. Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) crowns are one of dentistry’s primary restorations of choice.

We offer a range of alloys to suit both the needs of the Clinician and the restoration type. More specifically, alloy options include:

• White Bonding Gold

• Yellow Bonding Gold

• NP Co/Cr

• Titanium

All the above-mentioned alloys are TGA approved and display a significantly high level of biocompatibility. The rising cost of gold has influenced Bioart Dental to seek cost saving alternatives that are still compatible with our ceramic systems.

Extreme care has been taken in finding strong aesthetic price effective options.

The metal framework forms a durable solid base for a crown or bridge and therefore it is possible to span even large tooth gaps with a metal ceramic bridge.

Porcelain Fused metal

Case indication for PFMs:

Construction types for PFM

Bioart Dental is at the forefront of CAD/CAM technology and is able to offer many of the metal frameworks constructed by a 5 axis milling machine, ensuring consistent, high accuracy results.

Bioart Dental’s skilled technicians understand the importance of delivering a highly aesthetic and functional PFM restoration irrespective of the metal chosen.

The conventional multi layering PFM ceramic materials displays a high aesthetic low wear resistance. The metal ceramic bond is one of the strongest mechanical and chemical bonds available.

It is our aim that every case you send to Bioart Dental exhibits the ideal aesthetic marginal fit, contacts and occlusion, thereby minimising the need for chairside adjustments.

You can rely on us to provide you with restorations constructed using the latest techniques and equipment. The work is carried out under magnification by our highly skilled technicians.

We offer value added services such as use of our fully operational dental surgery for FREE shade consultations & for FREE try-ins.

FREE shade consultations demonstrate our pledge to customer satisfaction – this service secures the consistency of colour matching, thereby ensuring a superior quality product. The surgery suite is modern, spacious, clean and hygienic as patient comfort is paramount.

• FREE use of in house surgery for try-ins at either metal or bisque bake porcelain stage. The Clinician is more than welcome to accompany the patient to our premises, thereby allowing all 3 parties to be present at a critical stage of the case prior to insert. This illustrates how we endeavour to work together with you to achieve the optimum result . A consultation at this stage of the process is an opportune time to ensure all parties are happy prior to insert. This in turn helps alleviate chair side adjustments and helps make the most of the Clinician and Patient’s time.

Australian Made

All restorations sent to Bioart Dental are designed and made by us in our Melbourne based laboratory using TGA approved products.

For further information or a confidential conversation regarding your unique needs – please contact us on 9859 7300 or email


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