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Zirconia, a polycrystalline ceramic material, has proven to be extremely successful for prosthetic dental restorations. Bioart Dental’s superior technical ability to work with Zirconia applies to even the most demanding aesthetic cases.

While traditional Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) Crowns were a great technical improvement when first introduced, one of the disadvantages has been the development of unsightly black lines at the margin edge as gums recede over time. Zirconia’s tooth-coloured core eliminates the risk of black lines.

Zirconia also has outstanding stability and biocompatibility, and is significantly stronger than conventional ceramic materials.

Zirconia is suitable for a wide range of crown and bridge applications for both anterior and posterior prosthetic requirements.

Sourcing frameworks from a variety of suppliers allows Bioart Dental to advise its dentists about the very best product for a particular case.

With the use of innovative CAD/CAM technology, Bioart Dental supplements the framework with a specially designed veneer ceramic.

Zirconia’s superior durability and aesthetics make it an excellent choice as an all ceramic system, this is evidenced by the increasing demand for Zirconia Crowns over the traditional PFM crown.

Bio Z Translucent Zirconia

The use of monolithic translucent Zirconia has become increasingly popular for use in the posterior region. Considerable advancements have been made in this material to make it a more aesthetic option for use as a full contour crown. Due to Zirconia’s incredibly high flexural strength, it is an excellent choice for all posterior crowns or bridges.

Whilst some dentists have expressed their concerns about the wear of the enamel when opposing full contour Zirconia crowns and bridges, recent studies have found that glazed Zirconia is compatible with enamel. In fact, it is virtually identical to glazed IPS e.max.

Zirconia's Advantages

Accuracy of Fit

The excellent fit demanded for clinical success is achieved with CAD/CAM milling accuracy combined with precise computerized calculation of the sintering shrinkage so that the cement gap can be adjusted to individual requirements.

Unparalleled Strength

Zirconia has an ability to withstand many times the large occlusal forces in both anterior and posterior area, thereby making it one of the few polycrystalline ceramics suitable for use in dental framework materials.

Improved Aesthetics

Zirconia’s material properties allow a low wall thickness in order to deliver an ideal tooth-like translucency.

The strength of the relatively thin framework allows optimal space for the layering technique of ceramic - even in difficult situations (if required.)

The Zirconia framework is available in a number of different shades, opacity and translucency. This produces an optimum aesthetic result when combined with a specially designed veneer ceramic.



Zirconia has a very high level of biocompatibility, this is supported by the fact it has already been in use for more than a decade as a material for surgical implants such as hip joints.

Clinical studies show that Zirconia oxide and the veneer ceramic don’t produce any measurable solubility of allergic potential nor any irritation of the tissue.

Unlike metal supported units, Zirconia has low thermal conductivity, eliminating sensitivity to temperature variation, while exhibiting plaque accumulation similar to that of a natural tooth.

Established Dental Technique

Bioart Dental understands dentists want the advantages of new technologies and materials without wholesale change to established preparation or impression methods.

Using Zirconia allows conventional cementation yet produces unconventional results. For exceptional aesthetics, Zirconia has achieved excellent results for Bioart Dental clients.


It delivers an extremely natural appearance where the crown emerges from the gums and if the root is later exposed by receding gums, the Zirconia continues to transmit light to the root, enhancing its natural effect.

Bioart Dental can offer Zirconia at different translucency levels and colours to best suit the clinical and patient needs.

Australian Made

Australia Made
All restorations sent to Bioart Dental are designed and made in Australia using TGA approved products. Bioart Dental technicians are available to discuss cases that could benefit from a Zirconia restoration for anterior or posterior applications.

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