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Anthony Minichilli Managing Director - Senior Ceramist.

Anthony graduated from RMIT in 1985 and continued his employment in the Crown and Bridge department of the Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital, working predominately with prosthodontists and post graduates. Anthony established his own laboratory, Opal Dental, in 1990 and in 1997, co-founded Bioart Dental.

Anthony specialises in all facets of cosmetic dentistry and his wealth of experience enables him to confidently discuss and construct restorative options with Clinicians. He is a Senior Ceramist at Bioart Dental and has a keen interest in setting Quality Control protocols. Anthony has an active role in technical development and invests a lot of time in educating Bioart Dental’s qualified technicians – helping them improve their skill and craftsmanship.

Anthony has lectured at Victorian Regional Groups and for the Crown and Bridge society. He has attended many industry courses illustrating his commitment to professional development. More specifically, he has a passion for Material Science within the Dental Industry.



Michael Eliopoulos Specialist in Implantology

Michael graduated in 1991 from RMIT. He commenced full time employment in the Crown and Bridge department of the Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital and worked alongside prosthodontists and post graduates.

He commenced his own business, Jade Dental Laboratory in 1992, and in 1997 co-founded Bioart Dental.

Michael is a leading Implant Technical Specialist and has conducted lectures in relation thereto around Australia.

He imparts his wealth of knowledge and skill in analysing each implant restoration and engages in many consultations with the Clinician. His high degree of skill and craftsmanship means he has the capacity to construct single unit Implant Crowns to complex multi-unit upper and / or lower cross pin prosthesis.

He is a strong advocate of new technology and often travels overseas to see first-hand the innovation that exists in the area of Dental Technology.

He has a strong passion for CAD / CAM technologies and has dedicated a lot of time in researching options in relation thereto. This has led to the acquisition of a CAD / CAM machine at Bioart Dental. This acquisition has centralised and streamlined processes, which in turn helps achieve speedier turnaround times.



Lou Cusinato
Managing Director – Senior Ceramist

Lou graduated from RMIT in 1989 and was employed by the Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital in the Crown and Bridge department.

Lou commenced his own business, Realism Dental Laboratory in 1992, and in 2000 joined Michael and Anthony at Bioart Dental.

Lou is a Senior Ceramist and is committed to fostering education in the area of Dental Technology. Accordingly, he often attends Industry courses both nationally and internationally. He shares his knowledge with his staff, ensuring they in turn, develop and continuously improve their work processes. Lou is a strong advocate of communication believing it helps all parties produce dental solutions that everyone can be proud of.



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